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The days of long fabulous lashes are here! Luscious eyelashes have always been an important trait of femininity. False eyelashes are used to provide expressive eyes sparkle by top makeup artists in the past. The secret is now out. False eyelashes is no longer for celebrity, model, or performers. Falsies are now worn by anyone who desire to look fab or have extra-long lashes. Complete eye makeup includes mascara, eyeliner eye shadow, and most importantly false eyelashes.

Falsies are available in several forms to emphaize the eyes:

» False Strip Lashes are made of synthetic or human hairs attached together in one pre-made strip.
» Individual Flares or Natural lash clusters are made of several natural lashes joining together.
» Individual Single lash are single synthetic lash fiber used for eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 by DW Griffith. Falsies were made by woving human hair through fine gauze and trimmed to specificication and shape of the eyelids, and are used as part of the makeup assemble --prop for the eyelashes so to the speak. In 1930s false eyelashes grew in popularity along with natural cosmetic products. This trend dimmed in the conservative 40s to 50. After two decades, false eyelashes reemerge once again in the 1960s with growing popularity.

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The JAPONESQUE® Complete Lash Kit is the professional make-up artists’ choice for dramatic lashes. This kit includes handcrafted natural-feeling upper & lower full and partial, lash sets to create full dramatic lashes.
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New eyeshadows and eyebrow make-ups essentials for your eye related needs.
Everlash Eyeshadows and Eyebrow Make-ups (Lush Lashes) offers hundreds false eyelashes styles in strip, individual single & cluster, and synthetic eyelash extensions. From natural demure styles to thicker more glamorous ones, we have exactly what you need to get those lashes we all wish we are born with.