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Short and Medium length individual flare lash clusters are the easiest solution to false lashes. Simply place them on top of your own curled defined lashes and let lash adhesive dry. Layer Perma-lsah flair extensions for added fullness. Each cluster is comfortable and flexible, providing you extended wear. Creating an all-over volume and length look, Mod Perma-lash by Andrea becomes the focal point of your face.

Adds length, builds volume with these way to use individual cluster false eyelashes.


Medium FLAIR Individual Lashes
Permalash Individual FLAIR MEDIUM Black or Brown Lashes by Andrea
Medium FLAIR Individual Lashes
Short FLAIR Individual Lashes
Permalash Individual FLAIR SHORT Black or Brown Lashes by Andrea
Short FLAIR Individual Lashes

Like Permalash Flair (Flare) lash clusters, Permalash Naturals KNOT FREE lashes can also lengthen and volumize your natural lashes.