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Lash Faq by Kelly C. ©2007, All Rights Reserved.

Wether you are applying the individual lashes yourself or by a trained lash technician, they are great for filling in sparse or bald spots along your lashline. Individual lashes are recommended for people with some lash density and their natural lashes intact. These lashes will not stay on if you do not have any natural lashes. With some lash density, individual lashes will stay on for about 2 weeks.

Strip false eyelashes are perfect for special event or a night out. Longer, more dramatic styles will add instant glamour to your look. Short and demure styles will provide a natural (subtle) look, perfect for everyday wear.


First, wash your face with an oil free cleaner to remove any trace of dirt and oil. Next, remove the strip lashes off of the packaging and trim off the excess hair and lash strip to match the size of your eyelid only if necessary. Place a drop of false eyelash adhesive on a clean surface, and dip the back of a thin makeup brush or flat end toothpick into the adhesive. Next, spread the adhesive along the entire length of false eyelash strip. The adhesive will start to set in a few seconds and gently place the strip along the lash line as close to your lash roots as possible.

When the strip is placed in the correct position, you can reinforce the hold of the adhesive by rolling the makeup brush handle on the lash strip over your eyelid. Wait for the adhesive to set completely and you can proceed to apply other eye makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.


Flare (knotted) lashes have a knot at the tip of the cluster joining the lashes. The knotted provides extra surface for the adhesive to stick and will stay on longer than Naturals (knot free) clusters. Knotted lashes are also easier to apply because it is easily to see where you are placing the lashes because of the knot. Unlike knotted clusters, knot free lashes do not have a knot at the tip of the cluster thus providing a cleaner, natural look. Naturals (knot free) do not have any knots so they do not hold as well as their knotted counterpart, however, they provide a more natural appearance. The knot free end definitely blends in with your natural lashes better.

For beginners, we recommend knotted lashes because you can see exactly where you are placing the knot as opposed to the knot free which seem to blend in with your own existing lashes more readily. It comes down to personal choice either you select Flare or Naturals lash clusters. With experience and practice, you will find the one that suitable for you.


Some people swear by the ease of strip lashes and think individual lashes are too difficult to apply. Others prefer individual and think they look more natural than strip lashes. If you ask 10 seasoned professionals, half will prefer strip and half will prefer individual. The grand truth is different people find different ones easier to apply. Individual lashes give a natural effect, where as strip lashes have a oomph factor.

Some people can only wear strip lashes because they lack the natural lashes needed to hold individual lashes or extensions. Other individual will only wear individual lashes because their eyelid can not tolerate the formalin or latex ingredient commonly found in strip lash adhesives.


Strip lashes can be cut first and place them on the outer corners of your eyes as half lashes. To wear the strip lashes in full, the band should be applied as close to your lash line as possible.

Unlike strip lashes, individual cluster or single lashes are applied directly below your natural lashes.


When applied properly, individual lashes can last up to 2 to 4 weeks for those who apply the lashes themselves, or 4 to 6 weeks if applied by trained lash technicians.. Touch ups may be required to replace any lashes that might have fallen off due to natural eyelash cycles. Properly applied individual lashes will last for the length of the natural growth cycle of each eyelash hair.

After lash application, care must be taken not to rub, scratch or apply any oil based creams, lotions, or cleansers. Eye creme or lotin should be only applied to the lower eye orbital area.


Eyelash adhesive remover is recommended for removing the individual lashes. You should never attempt to pull the cluster or single lash extensions off without using some kind of remover or solvent. For those who has sensitive skin, adhesive remover solvent can be irritating and may burn the skin.. If the remover is not for you, you can also use cotton swabs with baby oil to remove the lashes. Gently massage the cotton swap above and below the lashes back and forth a few times. Next, letting the baby oil or remover sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and the lashes could come right off. Washing the area with a mild oil-based soap and rinse with lukewarm water will also help remove the dried adhesives.


This is one situation where size does matter. The separate bottle/tube of adhesive will last you for quite a few packets of lashes so there is no need to repurchase adhesive each time you purchase a packet of lashes.


It is best not to have anything applied on top of individual lashes. For strip lashes, you can use water based blending mascara such as LashMagic for added volume and hold to your naturals lashes. Unlike other mascara, LashMagic will not ruin your perfect set of falsies you spent time putting on. Oil based mascara will shorten the life-span of your strip or individual lashes.


Latex based strip lash adhesive can be used with individual lashes for those who remove the lashes nightly. I recommend DUO Eyelash Adhesive for this purpose. For those we are sensitive or allergic to formalin or latex commonly found in strip lash adhesives, individual lash adhesive is a viable alternative for your strip lashes as long as you have some natural lashes intact..


Lash Faq by Kelly C. ©2007, All Rights Reserved.